Effective September 1, 2016, tuition for lessons in my studio will be as follows:

This new tuition scale is based on the rate of $50/hour for lessons.

This tuition covers weekly private lessons as well as eight group classes (three in Fall, three in Spring, two in summer). It also takes into account the following breaks: October Fall Break, November Thanksgiving Break, December Winter Break, February President's Day break, March Spring Break, May Memorial Day/Suzuki Conference, June ISSI, and one week of summer break (date varies by year, but will always be published on the studio calendar).

In addition to private lessons and group classes, tuition also covers recital expenses (accompanist, programs, room rental) and studio events (Federation, recitals, pizza parties, trophies for book recitals, prizes, administrative work, etc)

Regarding absences, students can negotiate their own trades if they are unable to make it to their regularly-scheduled lesson. If a student misses a lesson, no refund will be made. If I, the teacher, am unable to teach a regularly-scheduled lesson, I will arrange a make-up lesson. Make-up lessons are to be scheduled only in the case of my absence. In the extreme case that I both miss a lesson and am unable to teach a make-up lesson, credit for the lesson I miss will be extended to the student's account.

As heretofore, tuition will be due at the first lesson of the month and, if not paid at that time, will be assessed a late fee of $20. There will be a slight increase in tuition every other September.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

As always,

Brittany Gardner